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February 25, 2013
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You open your (e/c) eyes to the light coming from your window and sit up from your bed. You jump out of bed and change into a (f/c) T-shirt and blue jeans. Today you and the rest of you and your best friends Kid, Soul, and Black*Star were going to have a video game night. You quickly lock your door and walk to school.
You quickly run up the stairs looking for your friends. "(Y/n) over here!" A yell came from behind you. You turn to see Soul and Black*Star waving you over. "Hi guys," You said giving a wave back and running over to them.  “YAHOO! NICE TO SEE YOU (Y/N)!" Black*Star said with a laugh. "Are you ready for tonight's game of Halo 4?" Soul asked with a smirk while holding up the game. "Hello (y/n)," A soft voice came from behind you. "You're looking rather symmetrical," Kid said with strange tone snuggling into you shoulder. "Uh Kid wha-"
Before you could finish your sentence Kid had ran to class with Black*Star and Soul. You were confused but decided to ignore it and walk to class. Once you got to class you toke your seat. You sat patiently waiting for Stein to roll himself into the class room than fail, but you felt eyes watching you. "Just shake it off (y/n). You're just imagining things," you said shaking your head softly. Finally Stein had come in, tipping over in the process. "Okay students, we'll be dissecting a crane today," he said, still on the floor. You let out a sigh.
You sat on the couch with Soul and Black*Star on both of your sides and Kid sitting on the loveseat. "So Soul, where's Maka and Blair?” You asked. Soul stiffens then relaxes. "They're having a girls night out," Soul said with a strange tone. "Oh Okay. Just start the game already," You said a little impatient. "Be patient (y/n)," Kid said with a hidden smirk."SOUL HURRY THE HELL UP! THE MIGHTY ME WANTS TO BEAT YOU ALL!" Black*Star shouted. "We shall see Black*Star since I did beat you eight times in a row with in a whole minute," You said with a giggle. "THAT WASNT FAIR YOU KEPT KILLING ME AFTER I RESPAWNED!" Black*Star yelled.You began the game and head shot Black*Star right in the beginning. "You suck at video games as much as you suck at assassination," You say with a laugh. Just then Kid got up and turned off the console. "Why did you turn off the game Kid?" You said in confusion. Suddenly, Soul and Black*Star grabbed your wrists and held them tightly while Kid sat on your lap facing you. "Kid wha-"He cuts you off by placing a finger on your lips. "Tonight you belong to us, and there is no way around it," Kid said with seductive grin.
I was planning on trying to make a lemon, and I will. Only if at least 4 people ask for it. BTW Reader is not getting raped
Anyways I hate what I wrote
I dont own you nor do I own the fabulous Soul Eater cast :iconfabulousplz:
:iconpweaseplz: Pwease comment. The first one to comment gets this free cookie ---> :iconcakeplz: C:
That wasnt a cookie
<SmallBeacuse I might end up deleting it
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What happened when Maia and Blair got home? HMMMMMMM!?
.........WHAAAAA??? :iconcrazyblushplz:
sorry im just-ehalsdjgljphbdj! >//////< -dies-
jeruni Apr 10, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
DING DON DEATH DONG laughing so hard
Ghostgirl1998 Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Please do more stories like this!
I would but I'm out of Ideas for any kind of story
Ghostgirl1998 Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How about the Soul Eater Guys save the reader from their abusive father? 
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